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Botswana, Victoria Falls & Cape Town

Botswana, Vic­to­ria Falls

& Cape Town

We rec­om­mend a typ­i­cal 12-day hol­i­day to South­ern Africa, includ­ing 6 days on safari, 2 days at Vic­to­ria Falls, and 4 days in Cape Town.

Rwan­da Goril­la Safari

Expe­ri­ence an excit­ing moun­tain goril­la-track­ing safari. Track and view face to face these high­ly endan­gered pri­mates, also the Gold­en mon­key, Sykes mon­key and chimpanzees.

African Elephant with calf

Kruger Nation­al Park

We offer Tai­lor-made Kruger Park Safaris. Explore the African wilder­ness savan­nah, unique wildlife includ­ing the Big 5 and bird­ing Big 6.


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South­ern Africa Map Here

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